Scientific & High-Tech Solutions

At Avocado Engineering, we are aware of cutting-edge technologies and how to manage the high-tech problems and provide relevant solutions. As a result, we provide our clients with the most up-to-date solutions using the right tools and techniques. We are conscious of efficiency and productivity criteria in mining, oil and gas, and chemical companies. We are aware of the importance of accuracy of results, for example in fields where toxic materials are involved. Detection of small amounts of elements and materials that might be toxic in compositions is often important and difficult. At Avocado Engineering, in corporation with our associate partners, we apply the right tools and techniques to provide our clients with the most accurate results in the fastest possible timeframe.

In the fields of engineering, physics, chemistry, nanotechnology, biotechnology, biochemistry, we provide our clients with smart, fast and accurate solutions with one-touch. Our services include characterization of the materials, identification of their properties using cutting-edge techniques and synthesis of specialized materials. We offer the following services:

• Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy including solid-NMR
• Elemental analysis and microanalysis
• Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS)
• Particle-induced X-ray emission/proton-induced X-ray emission (PIXE)
• Laser ablation
• X-ray Diffraction (XRD)
• X-ray fluorescence (XRF)
• X-ray microscopy (XRM)
• X-ray photoelectron microscopy (XPS)
• X-ray mapping
• Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS)
• Particle size analysis by laser diffraction and sedimentation
• UV-vis spectroscopy
• Fourier transform infrared (FT-IR) spectroscopy
• Raman spectroscopy
• Florescence spectroscopy
• Cathodoluminescence spectroscopy
• Transmission electron microscopy (TEM)
• Atomic forced microscopy (AFM)
• Scanning tunneling microscopy (STM)
• BET specific surface area measurement and pore size measurement used for catalysts, adsorbents, nano-membranes and micro-membranes
• Simultaneous thermogravimetric analysis-Differential thermal analysis (TGA-DTA)
• Simultaneous thermogravimetric analysis-Differential thermal analysis mass spectrometry (TGA/DTA-MS)
• Capillary electrophoresis (CE) analysis using UV or contactless conductivity detector
• Evaporative deposition
• Nano-etching, nano-film deposition and nano-lithography
• Magnetron sputter deposition (RF & DC)
• Synthesis of gold colloids

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