Our Liquid Filling Services

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Avocado Engineering is pleased to provide liquid filling services to customers that require fast, clean and efficient liquid filling of their products into containers. Avocado Engineering provides liquid filling services for example to clients for cosmetics such as creams, lotions and shampoos, also to customers for repacking from large containers into smaller bottles, jars or containers in the fastest and cleanest way. Our services are used for essential oil repacking and bottling or for viscous and non-viscous liquids. We use semi-automatic machines and can handle volumes between 10 ml to 300 ml capacity with high accuracy. We can fill PET bottles, jars and containers with high accuracy and in a shortest possible time using automatic systems.

We also provide services such as design and print of labels according to the specifications for labeling the containers that are filled. This is done in corporation with our partner companies. We also provide manual labeling and capping services of the filled containers. We are also able to print and stick the expiry/batch number stickers onto the containers to meet the regulations and customers' instructions.

Our services are used by clients that require clean and fast filling and bottling of their liquid products such as cosmetics and essential oils into specific size containers and jars. We are also able to supply the containers, jars and bottles with different caps.

Also we help our customers with aluminum foil sealing of the neck of the containers, which is important for various products in order for protection against any contamination or leakage during shipment and due to movements.

We use also special machines for high temperature liquid filling up to 80 °C. This could be used for viscous products or materials that contain waxes. We can operate at any specific temperature to suit the liquid filling and as per instructions. We can also blend according to the compositions that our customers require and fill the blends into the containers or jars. Sometimes, for blending higher temperatures are required and we have the capability to blend at higher temperatures to suit your requirements.

For further details and pricing for a specific job, please contact us and we will be able to help you further.

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