Our Engineering Services

Avocado Engineering specializes in chemical, process and mechanical design engineering. Wide variety of industries such as oil and gas, mineral processing, mining, power, chemical and food processing are designed and operate based on multiple processes known as unit operations. Processes are created to achieve certain design criteria. Operations often involve a combination of material flow, physical and chemical separation/mixing technologies and may include mechanical processes and chemical reactions. Processes require various equipment and raw materials for operation.

At Avocado Engineering, we use our knowledge of chemical/process/mechanical design engineering to provide the optimum solutions to various industries. We apply our knowledge of heat and mass transfer, separation/mixing processes, thermodynamics and reaction technologies, mechanical processes and material science to design processes. Our designs are based on waste and energy minimization and recycling processes.

Avocado Engineering provides complete turnkey solutions to establish complete zinc oxide plants using the latest technologies in corporation with our manufacturing partners. Existing zinc oxide (French Process) operations have significant energy wastage due to the nature of their design and technology used to produce the product. High temperature furnaces are in operation that lead to significant heat loss into the atmosphere and this means significant of fuel cost to the zinc oxide plant. To minimize this, we provide the best available solution in an integrated process to the customers. Also we provide the complete design and establishment of the zinc oxide bag-house processes and associated process equipment for a complete zinc oxide plant. We help our customers to build new zinc oxide facilities or revamp their existing facilities to minimize the cost of operation and produce various zinc oxide grades with the quality of interest. Zinc oxide is an important industrial product used in various applications, specially in tyre production and other rubber materials, as well as ceramics and pharmaceuticals.  

Avocado Engineering also specializes in processing of zinc-bearing waste materials by hydrometallurgical & pyrometallurgical processes. In this area, we provide solutions to the galvanisation and zinc-waste processing plants. We design processes to convert toxic zinc-bearing wastes such as zinc ash from galvanization plants into valuable zinc chemicals such as zinc oxide, zinc sulfate, zinc carbonate, zinc chloride and zinc nitrate. We also provide technical solutions for dross management and recycling.

Avocado engineering provides solutions to industries that produce waste materials to minimize waste production and the associated cost of waste management and processing. We specialize in designing integrated processes to manage the waste problems. We help companies to be clean and competitive in today’s market. We create engineered solutions for converting toxic and costly wastes into safe and valuable products.

Avocado Engineering proudly works with her associate partners and companies in Australia and overseas to achieve the optimum design solutions and to minimize the cost of design and manufacturing of equipment required for the operations. 

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