Our Trade Eductional Courses


Avocado Engineering specializes in international procurement and trade solutions. We are experts in the area of import and export. We work with various international business partners. Knowledge in any business is the most important part of the work. In import and export businesses also knowledge of the international business and trade and the procedures by which international businesses take place are the critical factors of success.

Due to our exposure to various international businesses, we have learnt over time how to manage the international trade businesses, procurement procedures and tenders. We are therefore the right people to consult with. Avocado Engineering is pleased to offer the educational services associated with import/export and international trade/procurement businesses.

We provide the educational services to procurement (purchasing) managers and officers of the companies, start-up companies that are keen to enter the international markets, export and sales managers that are interested to learn more on the international procedures of the trade, entrepreneurs who want to get involved in the international businesses and business institutions. We use our real business trade cases in our method of teaching to provide the best exposure to the real international businesses.

Education is the first stage of the process to be ready to enter the international business and trade. Today, to be competitive, companies must be fast and ready to respond to various needs of the clients all over the world. It is now a global market and if your company doesn't respond on time to the requirements, it is guaranteed that there will be other companies that will respond to the customers. To be competitive, terms and conditions of the international business and trade must also be known in details by the people involved in the process. Decisions will be made by business people based on the ease and flexibility of the trade terms. Therefore it is essential to learn the terms and conditions of the international businesses to reach the right decisions in the trade procedure.

Avocado Engineering can help companies and entrepreneurs to learn the basics and essential parts of the international business. We help companies to be educated in the areas of sourcing, how to negotiate with suppliers or customers, preparation of offers and documentations, procedures of international trade, terms and conditions of import and export, shipping and logistics, documentations associated with shipping and logistics such as Bill of Lading and Bill of Exchange and banking procedures.

More importantly, payment terms and conditions are also the major subject of the successful businesses and trades. Even if all other terms of the international trade for both the supplier and the buyer are accepted, without the agreement on the payment terms, in most of the cases, the trade will not be successful and the deal will collapse. Internationally, most of the times, two sides of the trade (seller and buyer) do not know each other and they are not physically close to each other to meet and decide on the procedure of the business and payment. Therefore, guarantees on the payment for the seller and guarantees for delivery for the buyer will be critical. In such situations, banking procedures to guarantee the international business for both parties of the trade become the most important parts of the deal. Letters of Credit (LC) such as irrevocable types are examples of the payment terms to be used in regular international trades and import/export businesses. Logistical parts associated with these are also subject of the advice. Avocado Engineering offers educational packages to extensively educate people that are involved in the decisions that will include LC procedures and performance bonds, etc. It is critical to understand that in the global market, there are always companies that have more flexible terms of supply and they are ready to consider various flexible terms of payments. To be competitive, we have learnt in our own businesses that successful trades may involve LC terms rather than cash-in-advance (T/T) terms that have been more conventional methods of payment. Deals may be lost due to the incapability to accept the Letter of Credit Payment terms. We are here to help you understand better the methods of payment and how to minimize your risk of loss and non-delivery, etc.

We can design educational packages and workshops to suit your requirements. Please contact us if there is any enquiries and we will be able to help you further.   

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