Avocado Plastics

FRP Equipment

Avoplas is a subdivision of Avocado Engineering Pty. Ltd. Avoplas stands for Avocado Plastics. At Avoplas, we deal with a wide variety of plastics including industrial plastics, raw materials and polymers needed for plastic and rubber industry and equipment necessary for plastic/polymer manufacturing or industrial/commercial applications such as in architectural areas. Avoplas also works closely with our partner manufacturing companies in the areas of specialized plastic production and plastic/reinforced plastic industrial equipment manufacturing. Avoplas works on Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) products and Glass Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Materials (GRC) such as GRC panels. We support our customers with advice, selection, design, manufacturing and logistics of the products of any range. Avoplas is also the sole representative of Taiwanese acrylic material manufacturer, Jokema Industry, in Australia.  

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