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AvoTrade is the Online Trade Platform of Avocado Engineering Pty. Ltd. Since Avocado Engineering has been involved in the trade of materials and process equipment, we have noticed great issues with waste products generated by various industrial operations. A great amount of waste is dumped and land-filled every year all over the world. AvoTrade's aim is waste exchange and landfill diversion by finding sustainable solutions for recycling the materials through a network of users and producers of waste products.

We do not see Waste materials as Waste. While a lot of industries have issues with their waste products, every year more and more industries aim to reduce their waste streams by using more environmentally-friendly processes and more integrated processes.

If we consider a material generated in a chemical plant as a Waste (such as waste gases including carbon emission, liquids or solids), this does not mean that the so-called waste material is useless. What it means is that there is not a solution known to the operators of the plant to process the waste material into a valuable and useful product on site, or there is no financial incentive due to the low value of the generated waste to process that material further. As such, this material is named "WASTEand in many instances the plant operators must pay significant amount of cash to dump/landfill their waste products. Examples of these materials are enormous. Steel plants, galvanization plants, plastic factories, chemical production lines, petrochemical plants and many more are dealing with such situations everyday. More interestingly, carbon emission, which is the subject of the political/industrial debate worldwide, is also a chemical that is the food of the plants, phytoplankton and algae. The known process of photosynthesis is the backbone of chemical conversion of carbon dioxide into organic carbon chains. This is achieved by the energy provided by sun. Therefore it is important to note that solution to this type of waste is also available at least naturally. There are various researchers that are working on the conversion of COinto other materials for example by catalysis. This is an example where we believe research and industrial collaboration is the most important factor to find an integrated solution to the so-called carbon emission problem.

Waste can also be the energy losses from processes. Energy waste is much harder to be dealt with. Energy is usually wasted due to the inefficiencies in the processes and equipment. Well-known examples are pumps and compressors. Any engineer knows that all of these equipment run at conditions that generate energy loss for example in the form of heat. If a process is not engineered and optimized using the best-known technologies available, the inefficiencies are even greater. In most of these situations, plant operators are not even aware of the possibilities to minimize their energy wastage. Or if they are aware of that, the financial incentives are not as such to encourage them to change their processes. Therefore they keep losing more and more energy, of course with a cost. There are also solutions to these problems, but first industry awareness is the most important part of the formula.

As the global situation is dynamic and more governmental forces are being applied to minimize the waste energy and materials, a close collaboration between industry experts is needed. At Avocado Engineering, we believe that a waste product of one industry is the source for another industry, if we look at the picture from a bigger point-of-view.  

AvoTrade is created to make a connection between the industries that generate Waste materials with the industries that may use these products for their operations as their raw materials. Historically, there were products that have been land-filled completely due to the lack of availability of solutions or cost of recycling. With the emergence of Internet, now we are globally connected faster and easier than before and we can find sustainable solutions to waste processing and recycling. One product that is generated in one country as a waste could be the source for another factory in a different country. We believe that with easier logistical systems in place today and better connectivity, we can integrate the recycling solutions to achieve minimal wastage. AvoTrade creates the connectivity that industries require to find their partners for waste exchange and landfill diversion on an Online Trade Platform. We are here to list your waste products on our system and link you to our right partners for processing of your waste materials that you may otherwise dispose of at cost. Please contact us so that we can provide you with a better picture of what can be done and how to list your waste material.

We simply need some descriptions of the products including chemical analysis and specifications of waste material or process equipment, physical sizing, tonnage of the material/equipment available and some pictures. We will then create a free-of-charge webpage with your waste specifications and pictures on our AvoTrade Online Trade Platform to find a right user and solution to generate synergy. We will then go further and provide you with the possible waste exchange solutions and logistical matters.


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